Matagorda County Inter-Agency Community Resource Coordination Group for Families (MCICRCGF)

Inter-agency Community Resource Coordination Group for Families (CRCGF) meetings are scheduled from 11:30a.m. -1:00pm every third Tuesday at Taqueria Fernandez, 3720 – 7th Street,  Bay City. Each month a featured speaker gives a short presentation on any new programs and services available through their organization. Social Service Representatives from United Way member agencies and other local and state organizations discuss service plans to help meet individual client and family needs.

What is CRCGF?
Community Resource Coordination Groups (CRCGs) are local inter-agency groups composed of representatives from public and private agencies that develop service plans for children, adolescents and adults whose needs can be met only through inter-agency coordination and cooperation. CRCGs for children and youth originated when the Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 298 into law in 1987. This bill directed the state agencies serving children to develop a community-based approach to provide better coordination of services for children and youth who have multi-agency needs and require inter-agency coordination. After achieving statewide coverage for CRCGs for children and youth, there was interest in using the CRCG collaborative approach for adults. Thus Community Resource Coordination Groups (CRCGA) were formed. CRCGAs are serving adults with needs beyond the capacity of any one agency. Other groups are using a CRCG approach to serve a specific population of adults, including adults with Alzheimer’s disease, adults with both substance abuse and mental health problems, and adults leaving the state’s penal system. Inclusive CRCGFs for families are emerging in various location in Texas.

The Matagorda County Inter-agency Council was originated to:

1. Increase public awareness of community resources
2. Improve communication and cooperation among groups and agencies
3. Promote maximum availability of services to all Matagorda County residents.