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  • U.nite (yoo-nit’) v. U.nit.ed, u.nit.ing, u.nites, – 1. To bring together so as to form a whole. 2. To combine (people) in interest, attitude, or action. 3. To join and act together in a common purpose or endeavor.
  • Way (wa) n. 1. Opportunity to advance. 2. Progress or travel along a certain route or in a specific direction.

Matagorda County United Way (MCUW) was incorporated in 1963 as a 501 (c) 3, non-profit charitable organization. Over the years MCUW has grown from a $40,000 dollar campaign to over $450,000 + campaign. This growth is due to the volunteer efforts and generosity of local citizens.

 This local United Way was organized to develop the financial and community resources needed to meet the human service needs of the community; to deploy United Way financial support as to maximize the resources available to agencies for services aimed at the most urgent current needs of the community, including those supplied by organizations not currently receiving Matagorda County United Way financial support and to recruit community support and commitment for the entire United Way effort of building Community.

This office administers Matagorda County HELPLINE. The MCUW HELPLINE is a free and confidential bilingual information and referral service available for all citizens of Matagorda & Wharton Counties. Governor Ann Richards designated Matagorda County United Way as the county hub for Information and Referral during her reign as Governor of the State of Texas. This program has trained staff and/or ExperienceWorks employees referring clients, based on their need, to the appropriate agency (United Way and non-funded organizations), State, Federal or Civic organization who can best help meet their need. The HELPLINE continues to receive an average of 250-300 calls per month for social service inquiries.

Matagorda County United Way is also the catalyst for the Matagorda County Interagency Community Resource Coordination Groups for Families (MCICRCGF). The office staff, ExperienceWorks employees, & volunteers are responsible for keeping mailing lists updated, scheduling agency presenters, mailing notices, record keeping, and other functions of the Council. The MCICRCGF is a collaborative effort originally organized by Matagorda County United Way to keep each of the area organizations up to date on program changes, additional resources, grant opportunities, as well as a sounding board to help specific clients receive needed services.

Matagorda County United Way is also responsible for keeping an updated Information & Referral Directory of all social service organizations whether State, Federal, or private who provide services to citizens of Matagorda, Wharton and Colorado Counties.

Matagorda County United Way has made great progress in meeting the increasing needs of the community, but will continue to see an increasing demand from the agencies, due to the Welfare to Work reform. More responsibility is being placed on local communities to meet their special community needs, meaning less control and dollars from the State. Consequently, these agencies will rely more heavily on Matagorda County United Way and the local community for support.